Anova Precision Cookerが故障するも早急に新品を送ってくれた


ある日突然Anova Precision Cookerの温度計がおかしくなる






Hello there,

Thank you for contacting Anova Support!

I am sorry to hear that this has happened to your unit. We really suggest that for cooking with higher temps or if using the cooker for a longer period; you have to make sure that your pot is properly coastered and covered.

Covering the bath will prevent steam from blowing on the unit. Steam blowing at the unit is generally not a huge issue, but it is best to cover the bath to prevent too much steam hitting your unit.

Some uses Cambro, Lexan, or Igloo containers, you can use any containers/pot as long as it'll meet the height and water capacity requirement. The only thing we do suggest about pots/containers is that it is at least 8 inches deep. An 8" depth ensures enough water coverage for proper circulation and safety.

We use the Cambro containers here to QC the units and they work out great for us. Insulation will definitely increase the heating capacity. You could always cover the container with a towel to insulate and then cover it all with foil to help with the temperature control.

Those 2 things can make the temperature holding more consistent since heat loss will be minimized. This will also help the unit to maintain its power.

I really hope this would help. But if it isn't, please feel free to contact us back, we can definitely replace your unit with a new one.


Anova Culinary, LLC


Sorry to hear that the below suggestions didn't work. Alright, we would need additional documentation for this issue before we can send the replacement unit.

Can you send us a video showing the issues still occuring despite doing the below suggestions, please?

Soon as we have it, replacement will be sent out shortly. If you had your address recently changed, please update us here as well. Otherwise, we will be shipping it to your shipping address we have on file. Thanks a lot!


Anova Culinary, LLC



1週間は低温調理ができませんでしたが、無事に届きました。もちろん、送料はメーカーが負担してくれてました。そして、不良品のAnova Precision Cookerは、返送不要とのことでした。おそらく、送料を負担してまで回収する必要がないのだと思います。


日本のショップで買うと日本語でクレームが言えますので、ある意味安心ですよね。特にアマゾンやヨドバシカメラなど大手量販店は不良品などの交換対応も良いです。逆に、海外のショップだとどうしても英語という言葉の壁や送料の問題でこういう初期不良にあたるのが怖いです。その点、Anova Precision Cookerはサポートが丁寧だったので安心して買うことができますね。それでもやっぱり不安というひとは並行輸入品がアマゾンで買えるので、そちらのほうをお勧めします。